How to Process POEA for Japan bound OFW

You just obtain your Japanese Working Visa and excited to fly to Japan. Wait you are not done yet. One must be a registered OFW first through POEA before going to Japan. You are in the right site if you are looking for step by step guide.

Note: Based on my personal experience and thisĀ guide is intended for Name hire ( Skilled/ Professional Worker)

Document Collection

  1. Passport with validity of not less than 6 months from the intended date of departure.
  2. Valid Japanese Working Visa
  3. Employment Contract or Offer of Employment ( Must be Verified by POLO in Phil Embassy in Tokyo)
  4. Copy of Diploma, Employment Certificate, and Training Certificates ( If applicable)
  5. Valid Medical Certificate from DOH- Accredited Clinic authorized to conduct medical exam for OFW.
  6. Pre Departure Orientation and Seminar Certificate by OWWA ( Note: You need to schedule this once done with pre assessment)

You need to photocopy all these documents (before submission) Continue reading How to Process POEA for Japan bound OFW