How to Process POEA for Japan bound OFW

You just obtain your Japanese Working Visa and excited to fly to Japan. Wait you are not done yet. One must be a registered OFW first through POEA before going to Japan. You are in the right site if you are looking for step by step guide.

Note: Based on my personal experience and this guide is intended for Name hire ( Skilled/ Professional Worker)

Document Collection

  1. Passport with validity of not less than 6 months from the intended date of departure.
  2. Valid Japanese Working Visa
  3. Employment Contract or Offer of Employment ( Must be Verified by POLO in Phil Embassy in Tokyo)
  4. Copy of Diploma, Employment Certificate, and Training Certificates ( If applicable)
  5. Valid Medical Certificate from DOH- Accredited Clinic authorized to conduct medical exam for OFW.
  6. Pre Departure Orientation and Seminar Certificate by OWWA ( Note: You need to schedule this once done with pre assessment)

You need to photocopy all these documents (before submission)


POEA Process

Name Hire Section

  1. Obtain the number from the guard at the POEA entrance then proceed to 2nd Floor ( Name hire Section)
  2. Once your number called submit all the documents at the window and wait for their instruction.
  3. When called proceed to the window where your documents are evaluated. If everything is complete they will asked you to comply following below.
    • Medical Referral to DOH- POEA Accredited Clinics | Take Medical Exam
    • PDOS Referral ( seminar, check schedule at Commission on Filipino Overseas) Note: Japan and other Asian countries | Monday- Thursday  2- 4PM|Registration Fee 400 Pesos
    • OFW Information Sheet to be filled
    • Submitted documents returned with checklist / claim stub of requirements
  4. Once done with PDOS and assumed done with Medical Exam. Go back to Window 9 or where skilled/ professional booth and submit verified documents. Then receive Order of Payment
  5. Proceed to Window 8 for the release of original documents
  6. Go to Window 1 at the ground floor for assessment of payment
  7. Receive E-receipt which serves as your OEC


100 USD ( Philippine Peso Equivalent) – POEA Processing Fee

25 USD ( Philippine Peso Equivalent) – OWWA Membership

2400 Pesos – Philhealth ( 1 year Coverage)

UPDATE: August 24, 2017 – Offer Letter/Contract  must be POLO Certified in Phil Embassy in Tokyo

Hope this guide helps you to process your POEA.



    Stephen Delos Reyes

    Thank you for your guidelines. Quick question. What were asked from you to get your contract verified by POLO? Thanks.

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      Your employer in Japan should be familiar in processing a filipino worker here in Japan. Your contract should be submitted at POLO Office in Tokyo for verification. Once verified it should be send it back to you.

    Queen Claire

    I’m a Filipino working in Thailand with proper visa. This December, someone from Japan will employ me as a teacher. Do I need to go back to the Philippines? I heard from a friend that a friend of hers was able to work from Thailand then to Japan without having to come back to Philippines.


      Pinoy Gaijin Admin


      It may be possible to go directly from Thailand to Japan. But when you process your OEC (change of employment) you need to go back to Philippines to do it. The Phil embassy in Tokyo will no longer assist on this matter. They highly advise to process everything in Philippines before you move to Japan.

      Wish you luck.


    Hi, do I need to have my verified working documents first before I take the medical exam? Or can I already take the medical exam without my documents?

    The verified documents will come in a week or so, I’m just curious if the DOH-accredited hospitals need the verified working contracts in order to process one’s medical exam. Many thanks.

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      Probably its already too late. But Better have the documents verified before proceeding for Medical Exam.


    Good morning madam/ sir.

    Na process ko na po yung mga papers ko na verified na po ng POLO this month. Pero vacation ko po is next month. Okay lamg po na na one month ahead ako nag pa verify?


    Hi! Does Japan accepts Care Worker living with HIV? I am very depressed for I’ve somehow invested my time studying the Language already.

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      HI, Apologies for the late reply. Care Workers required to undergo Medical checks so you might have an issue from there.


    Hi! How would I know if the contract sent by my employer was verified by polo? My contract only has my employer stamp, nothing else. Does it mean it’s not yet Polo-verified? I have my COE already from Japan. Thanks in advance.

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      Your employer should provide you a contract with Polo Stamp on it.


    are they looking for original documents like diploma at poea?

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      Not necessarily but its better to bring the original one.

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