How to Process OEC in Tokyo

Filipinos working abroad or overseas, either newly hired or Balik-Manggagawa are required to secure Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) which serves as a form of exit pass after visiting the Philippines and before going back to their place of work. Additionally, OEC exempts you from paying travel tax and airport terminal fee.


According to the new Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) rule, OFWs that are not yet registered at the POEA or those that have switched employers will have to get their OECs in the Philippines. That means, Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Tokyo will no longer issue OECs at their office. However, POLO Tokyo will still have to verify your employment documents to be presented to POEA in the Philippines to get an OEC.

You need to secure the following documents and present them to POLO Tokyo for verification:

• Original latest Employment Contract with English translation (signed by both employer and employee) (to be verified by POLO)

• Company Registration (Tokibo Tohon) with English Translation signed by the translator

• Copy of photo page and entry visa (original to be presented)

• Copy of residence card (original to be presented)

• Copy of insurance card (original to be presented)

• Notarized Affidavit indicating all necessary details on you (worker) was able to enter Japan and manage to find a job/change employer

• Schedule interview of the employer and worker with Labor Attaché 

• Signed written statement (letter form) addressed to Labor Attaché , indicating all necessary details on how you (worker) was able to enter Japan and manage to get a job/change employer


Once you gathered all the necessary documents, visit POLO Tokyo and present the documents to them. After that, schedule an appointment by visiting after POLO Tokyo verified your employment documents. Lastly, submit the verified employment documents in a POEA office (in the Philippines) and obtain your OEC (Note: any POEA satellite offices will do).

For more queries you can visit or contact POLO Tokyo at their website.




    Hi, i already had my documents verified by Polo and for submission in a POEA sattelite in the Philippines. How long will it take me to get OEC upon submitting it sa Philippines.




      hello! i am planning to have my contract verified by POLO. Did you submit a polo format contract? did they give you a verification slip or just a stamp to your existing contract?

        Pinoy Gaijin Admin

        Hi Mai,
        Just our company contract format. They will stamp your contract.

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