How to get Mobile Phone Service in Japan as a Foreign Resident

Getting a mobile phone service has got to be one of the most important task one has to go through in order to be connected with virtually anyone and anything around the world. By doing so, it allows you to have access with vast information via the internet, or even play games using your smartphone when you are bored, or get yourself to learn new skill through different phone applications. All these are possible when you are connected through a mobile phone carrier.

There are three major carriers in Japan namely: NTT Docomo, AU and SoftBank. Applying for these mobile carriers is so easy and simple steps

1.You will only need your residence card

2. Your bank account (Credit Card or Debit Card)

Once you get to their respective offices, just present the aforementioned documents. Afterwards, they’ll hand you a form that you have to fill-in. When they are done reviewing your documents, you’ll be given options on what services you want to be enrolled to (the services may depend on which carrier you’ll choose). As soon as you have chosen the mobile plan that works for you, you’re now good to go and can now start using their mobile phone service.