Certificate of Eligibility for Japan Working Visa

Foreigners who wished to work in Japan need to obtain Certificate of Eligibility by an interested party in Japan. It is a very important document when one applies for Working Visa. With a COE one may apply for a “change of status” in Japan from temporary visitor status to the status of residence shown on the COE.

Below are the requirements for obtaining the COE ( based on my personal experience)

  1. Scanned Copy of Passport ( ID page with Photo)
  2. Passport sized photo ( please refer http://www.immi-moj.go.jp/newimmiact_1/en/point_1-2.html)
  3. A copy of a graduate certificate from your University with your graduation date and year.
  4. Questionnaire ( This was provided by a Visa Processing Agency Nakai Immigration Services )

Timeline of getting my COE

April 6 – I submit all these documents via email as instructed by Nakai.

April 18 – Received my Certificate of Eligibility ( PDF form) from Nakai.

April 20- Received the Hard Copy Certificate of Eligibility via EMS ( Japan Post)


The information seen on your COE are:

Full Name

NationalityProfession/Occupation orCompany Name who sponsored you, Date of Birth, Type of Visa, Length of Stay

Profession/Occupation orCompany Name who sponsored youDate of Birth, Type of Visa, Length of Stay

Date of BirthType of Visa, Length of Stay

Type of VisaLength of Stay

Length of Stay.


Congratulations! You are now one step done of the Japan Working Visa Process.


How to Apply for Japan Working Visa with COE





    rosalyn abejo

    Any qualification for non degree holder to work in Japan?

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      Hi Rosalyn,

      Though Degree is a passport for most of the Filipinos is getting a job in Japan.

      Certainly, non-degree still got a chance to work here. It’s a matter of long experience on a particular field. Take this as an example. >>> http://www.alexkwa.com/how-to-get-a-japanese-work-visa-without-a-degree/


    Hi there, i need your help , kindly suggest me some recruitment agency which helps Indians to get job work visa in japan. Please please reply me. Seeking your helping hand. email nice_boy2232@yahoo.com

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      There are lots of Recruitment agencies in Japan, just google it. Why not start with Indian companies that have office here in Japan

      Cap Gemini


    Hi i am now here in japan on tourist visa and my coe has been released. How long will it take for me to have my work visa and am i allowed to stay as long as my work visa application is on process?

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      Im not sure if my answer is still applicable. But normally it will take like 2-4 weeks, depending what kind of visa you had applied.


    Hi, what is your degree program/course? I’m just worried that the COE will not be approved as I have only a few months of experience for teaching and I don’t have teaching certificates.

    Kindly help me on this matter.

    Thank you.

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      I have an Engineering Degree. As long as you are degree holder, shouldn’t be a problem.


    Hi, I could hardly believe that your COE only took two weeks to process. Is this for a COE for Instructor?

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      Apologies for the late response. COE for Engineering Visa.


    I am a graduate in the Philippines and now working as an English Teacher here in Ibaraki. My company is willing to sponsor a visa but my current visa status is not allowing to make it possible as I am holding a designated- nanmin. Is there anything that can be done? Please help or at least give some clues. Any help will be appreciated. Thank u

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      I suggest you contact and seek help from Visa immigration services. such as Nakai Immigration Services. They can best advise you about your query.


    hello sir, i am here already in japan, as toutist, i want find a job here, if i hired as factory worker, i need to secure COE in that company?

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      Hi Dennis, my reply might be late.If you land a job in Japan. Your company needs to sponsor you a visa ( means obtaining that OEC).


    i have my partner in business…and i have my multiple visa for five yrs, is it possible for me to have visa? and if yes, what are the requirement do i need?….thank you…sir / madam….

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      You have multiple visa, then you are asking a question to have a visa? Sorry, I got lost with your question.

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