How to Process Japanese Working Visa in Philippines

Congratulations you got your dream job in Japan. But you can’t go just yet, as one must obtain a valid working Japanese Visa. This post will help you on the step by step process in getting one.

You can follow this guide below, assume you have your COE ( Certificate of Eligibility) at hand. If not, follow this guide in obtaining Certificate of Eligibility.

Documents to be Submitted

  1. Original and Photocopy of Certificate of Eligibility
  2. Application Form ( You can download here)
  3. Philippines Passport ( with at least 6 months of Validity)
  4. Photo (Specs 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background). Must be taken within 6 months
  5. Birth Certificate ( Issued by NSO)
  6. Marriage Certificate if married ( Issued by NSO)

Selecting an Accredited Agency

If you have all the documents above. You are now ready to submit them to the any of the agencies accredited by the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines.

  1. Universal Holidays
  2. Discovery Tour Inc.
  3. Rajah Travel Corporation
  4. Reli Tours and Travel Agency
  5. Attic Tours Philippines
  6. Friendship Tours and Resorts



I choose Reli Tours and Travel Agency as recommended by a friend who had used their service. I went to their main branch at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati.  The one who assists me is a Japinoy ( Half Japanese -Haf Filipino) guy who is friendly and accommodating.

Visa Application and Process Fee = 1200  + 1150 = Total 2,350


Process Timeline

May 16 (Monday) – Submitted all the documents

May 19 (Thursday)- Received SMS from Reli tours

May 20 (Friday) – Obtain Japanese Working Visa

Just within 5 Days,  I got Japanese Working Visa.


Now you are almost ready to go to Japan as an OFW. But wait have you done your Medical check and POEA yet?

That will be in the succeeding post.


Let me hear your thoughts if you have any questions.



    Hello. What did you place on the Guarantor/Reference in Japan and Inviter in Japan? Is it the conpany who hired you? Thanks

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      It might be too late. But yes, the company will be your guarantor/ reference in Japan.


    Sir Admin,
    Your post really helps us a lot. May I ask a question? My sister-in-law is currently employed under DepEd but she’s planning and starting to file a resignation. It’s really a long process, though. About two weeks from now, she will have her COE from her new employer in Japan. I saw the form you included to acquire visa. Does she still need to write her current employer on the first page? Would it still be DepEd? or Japan company? and if she writes DepEd, would it cause her to be denied? because she’s not yet totally free from deped? thank you so much! your advice is highly-appreciated. God bless!

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin


      Sorry for the late response. It would not cause her to be denied, technically she is still employed.


    Hi i need help! I already have my certificate of employment with visa but immigration stop me from leaving saying i need an oec. My boss in japan said that i dont need that anymore and i can just go but immigration is insistent about this. Is there any other documentation that i can submit so that i can go without issues with immigration?

      Pinoy Gaijin Admin

      Hi Mia,

      OEC is required for Filipino Workers leaving the Phils. I hope you didn’t get in trouble leaving the country.



    What medical test Requirement for poea is needed for Japan?

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