Late Night Bus from Narita Airport to Tokyo

If you are flying overseas to Tokyo. Most likely you will end up in Narita Airport. Metro  Tokyo has two main international airports: Narita which is the far from the city, located 70km from Tokyo Station. While the other one Haneda Airport is only 20km away. Narita Airport accounts for more than half of the international flight traffic.

Narita airport to center Tokyo takes about 90 minutes in which the most feasible way is to hop on NEX ( Narita Express) or Keisei Skyline or Buses during regular hours. But what if your flight got delayed or have trouble getting out from immigration  pass to customs? That leave you few options to go to Tokyo. Probably you might think of Taxi?  But trust me you might want to forget about it. Most likely would will end up paying a hefty price tag of ¥30,000.

One time I missed to catch the last train bound for Tokyo. I was told by the airport staffs to rush outside arrival gate. Good thing there are  Keisei bus that  offer two extra buses to Tokyo Station until 12.30am. See the photo above.

If you happen to missed the two buses, then pretty much just stay at the airport until the early train comes or splurge that 30,000 Yen.



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