Free And Affordable Japanese Classes for Foreigners in Tokyo

As a foreigner in Japan, learning japanese is very important. Not only it gives you an advantage to someone who doesn’t speak Japanese, but it’s also a way for you to pay respect to their culture.

You see, learning a new language especially when you are a foreigner to a country means you are showing your appreciation to them as a nation, their people. By learning and understanding their language, you immerse yourself in their world and you also get a glimpse of how they communicate with one another. Plus, native japanese speakers will appreciate you practicing their language since it entails that you are interested to learn more about them: their ideas, how they think, and most importantly how they convey their viewpoint to others.

How to get yourself enrolled in free japanese language classes

There are multiple learning centers that you can get yourself in for free or for minimal cost. Additionally, they’re located in most city propers so accessing them will be easy. I’ll list down below (at the end of this article) the learning centers that you can get yourself enrolled in that are nearest to your current location.

Classes are usually free but some language centers will charge you for a small fee probably around ¥100 to ¥500 per class. The materials though, like textbooks, aren’t free so you have to buy them for yourself. Schedules of classes may also vary depending on which organization you want to get yourself enrolled at. Concurrently, the application is easy. They’ll ask you to fill out your information through forms (with your name and contact info), or via phone or email.


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Personal Experience

I took my Japanese language class at Minato International Association. I remember the fee was ¥9500 for MIA member and was able to avail a discount of 50% if you reside in Minato-ku.  More information here about the Japanese class they offer.


There are two class schedule but I took the Wednesday evening class from 18:30 – 20:30. I took the Step 1 (for those who are studying Japanese for the first time) and it was 12 classes (3 months) all in all. They provide workbook, reading materials and assignment handouts. The maximum students of the class are about 15 -2.  Most of  the  students are foreigners who just came to Japan or residents who want to start learning the language. It is very interactive and the sensei are very friendly and approachable. I had a great learning experience, gain some new friends and best of all improve from none to basic Japanese. If you want to ask if I recommend it, BIG YES!



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