How to Process POEA for Japan bound OFW

You just obtain your Japanese Working Visa and excited to fly to Japan. Wait you are not done yet. One must be a registered OFW first through POEA before going to Japan. You are in the right site if you are looking for step by step guide.

Note: Based on my personal experience and this guide is intended for Name hire ( Skilled/ Professional Worker)

Document Collection

  1. Passport with validity of not less than 6 months from the intended date of departure.
  2. Valid Japanese Working Visa
  3. Employment Contract or Offer of Employment ( Must be Verified by POLO in Phil Embassy in Tokyo)
  4. Copy of Diploma, Employment Certificate, and Training Certificates ( If applicable)
  5. Valid Medical Certificate from DOH- Accredited Clinic authorized to conduct medical exam for OFW.
  6. Pre Departure Orientation and Seminar Certificate by OWWA ( Note: You need to schedule this once done with pre assessment)

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How to Process Japanese Working Visa in Philippines

Congratulations you got your dream job in Japan. But you can’t go just yet, as one must obtain a valid working Japanese Visa. This post will help you on the step by step process in getting one.

You can follow this guide below, assume you have your COE ( Certificate of Eligibility) at hand. If not, follow this guide in obtaining Certificate of Eligibility.

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Filipino Housekeepers for Japan

Have you heard the news lately? The first batch of Filipino Housekeepers will be deployed in Kanagawa and Osaka, Japan this month of February 2017. Source

The lucky first batch to be hired under a new government policy that encourages Japanese professional woman to re-enter the workforce after bearing a child.

These 50 new Filipino Housekeepers were trained by Magsaysay Global Services which partnered by Pasona, a Japanese agency.

Filipinos who had been selected to this program were given FREE TRAINING in Japanese language, culture, hospitality, and housework for two months. They will also undergo on-the-job and orientation training in Japan before they are deployed.

Want to take this opportunity? Good news is, Japan is still looking for Filipino Housekeepers. Not as a maid but categorized as Professional Housekeepers with a salary of more than P 70,000.

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Certificate of Eligibility for Japan Working Visa

Foreigners who wished to work in Japan need to obtain Certificate of Eligibility by an interested party in Japan. It is a very important document when one applies for Working Visa. With a COE one may apply for a “change of status” in Japan from temporary visitor status to the status of residence shown on the COE.

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